Communication of JIMA

Vol.23 No.2 July 2013

Special Issues on From Efficiency Improvement to Value Creation

Opening Note

Special Issues on From Efficiency Improvement to Value Creation

Survey Papers

What Does Product/Service System Mean to a Manufacturer?
Tomohiko SAKAO
Servitisation of Manufacturing Industries― Beyond Monodukuri with Exchange Value―
“Marketing-operations Interfaces from an After-sales Service Perspective A New World that Products and After-sales Services Build”
Hisashi KURATA
A Study of the Present Situation and Prospects on the Balanced Scorecard in the Japanese Companies
Katsunori KAWANO

Empirical Articles

Escaping from Price Competition:The Importance of the Business Model Conversion in the Japanese Financial Industry
Tetsuya IIDA
Customer Value versus Producer Quality Skill Sets for Customer Value Creation and the Implications for Management Science
Cauitie OCADA
Special Lecture Paper Series: Starting the Research Area System Activities and Research Plans for Research Division of Business and Market Innovation
The Activity of Service Research Group
Perspective of Industrial Engineering Management and Applied Mathematics

Research Report

Education on Management Science and Engineering at Shanghai University
Yizeng CHEN
Undergraduate Education at Guanghua School of Management of Peking University and Its Relation with Management Engineering
Chunhui XU and Ming LEI
Development of MBA Education in China and Industrial Management Education
Yanwen DONG, Jiantong ZHANG and Sen WU
Industrial Management Education in China’s MBA Program
Yanwen DONG, Sen Wu and Jiantong ZHANG
Research on the Practical Manufacturing Education Program for Chinese Manager
Jing SUN, Kin’ya TAMAKI, Shihshui YEH and Noboru TAKEUTI

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