Information on Presentation Registration and Participant Registration

Information on Presentation Registration and Participant Registration
・ Date: May 17th (Sat) – May 18th (Sun), 2014
・ Venue: Tokyo University of Science
Please visit the below webpage for the access information.
・ Chairperson of the Meeting Organizing Committee: Hayato Ohwada (Tokyo University of Science)
・ Meeting Theme: “Internationalization and Vitalization of JIMA”
・ Host: Higashi-Kanto Chapter

We are planning to organize presentation sessions in English (all preliminary drafts, presentations, and question-and-answer sessions will be in English) in this meeting.
However, we may not be able to organize sessions in English when the number of registered English presentations is limited or the research areas of registered English presentations are different, and in these cases, presentations may be made in ordinary sessions. If you wish to make a presentation in an English session, please check the column of “Wish to make a presentation in an English session” at the time of presentation registration.
If you are requested to make a presentation at the special session (English presentation) by a research division, etc., please send to the person organizing the session the title of your presentation, contact information of the author, and your manuscript. For participant registration, please follow the registration procedure on the webpage of the Meeting.

・Advance Registration Procedure: February 10th (Mon) – April 24th (Thu), 2014
Regular members 10,000 yen, student members 5,000 yen,
non-members (general) 13,000 yen, non-members (students) 8,000 yen
Please pay the participation fee before the due date. Otherwise, the at-the-door participation fee will be charged.

・The at-the-door participation fee is higher than the advance registration fee by 1,000 yen. (The participation fee for non-members also costs 1,000 yen more.)
Regular members 11,000 yen,student members 6,000 yen,
non-members (general) 14,000 yen, non-members (students) 9,000 yen
Honorary members may participate in research presentation sessions free of charge. However, they will be asked to pay the participation fee of 2,000 yen for their participation for the purpose of networking. Thank you very much for your understanding.
Please pay the networking participation fee on the day, at the reception.

Click here for advance participant registration

・Presentation Registration Procedure
Prospective presenters need to follow the “advance participant registration procedure” prior to the presentation registration procedure.
February 10th (Mon) – March 5th (Wed), 2014
Presentation registration period for presenters at general sessions
Presentation registration period for individual presenters at organized sessions
February 10th (Mon) – February 25th (Tue), 2014
Registration period for organized sessions (for organizers)
*Registration period for project sessions (for project general managers)
(* “Project sessions” include charters’ presentations, various special sessions, seminars, etc.)

Click here for presentation registration and paper contribution procedures

・Contribution Procedure for Manuscripts for Preliminary Drafts
February 10th (Mon) – April 3rd (Thu), 2014
Presentation manuscripts can be replaced from the webpage until the due date for the contribution acceptance.
If you research division or chapter is planning to organize events outside the schedule of ordinary presentations, please notify the Meeting Organizing Committee.